National School Bus Safety Week is October 22-26, 2018 

and the theme is "My Driver - My Safety Hero!

School buses continue to be one of the safest modes of transportation for children and youth.
School bus drivers are specially trained and are an integral part of transporting students to and from school.  
Take a moment to thank your driver for all they do to get your child to and from school safely each day.


New to busing?  Watch this interactive bus safety video with your child to learn to be a safe rider.  Video 1
Grades 1-4 will enjoy earning Buster's Safety Badges. New interactive video - watch & learn about bus safety  Video 2
A new bus safety video for grades 4 - 8. Do you know who Soteria is? Find out here: Video 3
Ontario has new school bus safety videos for all ages available for parents & schools to enjoy.  Video 4